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Mountain Architecture

At Green Ridge Design, we specialize in ‘Mountain Architecture’ that reflects your specific needs and style – so every project and home is unique to the owner, integrating natural style, layout, and colors.

Serving the Mountain Communities

Green Ridge Design is delighted to serve the surrounding Mountain Communities such as Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Pine, and the Denver Metro Area. If you’re looking for a modern take on mountain living, we can help!

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About Green Ridge Design

Our specialty can be considered “Mountain Architecture”, but we would rather consider the dreams, passions and specific styles of each individual client. We have designed Mountain, Modern, Rustic, Craftsman, Prairie and many styles in between. We strive to integrate the style, plan-layout and colors with the natural surroundings- maximizing views and sun exposure as well as considering wind, contours, rock outcroppings and natural drainage swales. We are experienced in energy efficiency and stay educated on the most up-to-date materials that are also cost effective.
Want to get started on your new home? Fill out our ‘Get A Quote’ form and tell us about your vision, needs, location, and more… and we’ll get in touch to schedule a free consultation to go over the details.

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