Project Map

If you would like to see some of our work in person, use our project map to take a tour! As we add new projects, we’ll keep the map updated so you can always see our latest and greatest creations.

You can click on each map marker to get the project address but please be respectful of the residents and do not disturb them.

Baldwin Home

CUSTOM HOME | This is a custom home in Evergreen. The home owners wanted to use Heavy Timber Trusses incorporating the Queen Truss profiles for structure of the roof. The Queen Truss is tied with a rod and turn buckle on the front elevation.

Bauman Home

ADDITION & RENOVATION | This addition incorporated a new front entry, master suite and remodel/ expansion of the existing kitchen. This addition gave this mountain home a whole new, updated look.

Bezzant Home

ADDITION | This existing home was a “berm” home with 24” of soil on the roof and some odd structure over the existing garage. We removed that “odd” structure and added an entire floor over the existing single level home. We included heavy timber Scissor trusses with a vaulted ceiling to allow for viewing the gorgeous creek with incredible rock outcroppings outside the vast windows.

Davis Home

SPEC HOME | This is a spec house designed for a general contractor and specifically for the property. The views, sun, wind, rocks, land contours and access are all taken into account when designing a spec home.

Eynon Home

MAJOR RENOVATION & ADDITION | This project was an addition to a small 1940’s home built by an immigrant from Bavaria. This addition tripled the size of the original house. This project also incorporated solar heating for the boiler and in-floor hydronic heat. The homeowners wanted to incorporate big trusses with eased arched bottom chords. We took one of the trusses and “sliced” it through the wall so it could be viewed from the inside and outside. The large windows allowed for spectacular mountain views from the comfort of their home.

Fly Fishing Trail

CUSTOM HOME | This is a custom home in which the homeowner was very partial to the rustic look found in resort communities. The homeowner wanted to use old, hand hewed timbers and barn siding that we hand selected. The exterior is also clad in a rust wall panel that will rust to a nice brown over time. This home uses hybrid insulation of spray foam and cellulose with mesh. The home is very energy efficient with that insulation technology and gypcrete floors with hydronic heat. Green Ridge Design had full responsibility to select all materials, finishes, fixtures and colors. Green Ridge Design was the Construction Manager on this project.

ADDITION | Fruger Home

This home is an older farm house in the foothills area that the owners needed an extra bedroom, bath and a nice covered outdoor area.

Hunsaker Home

CUSTOM HOME | This custom home was designed to the specifics of the homeowner and the very hard to find “flat” lot.

Inglee Home

Johnson Home

MAJOR RENOVATION & ADDITION | This home was originally a “berm” home with 24” of soil and grass on the roof. It also had a garage and apartment structure with a mansard roof which the new homeowner hated. The owner wanted new space adding a complete second floor over the berm footprint. They also wanted to get rid of the mansard roof and turn the whole structure into something more modern.

Kuehster Home

CUSTOM HOME | This is a larger custom that incorporated a full size racquetball court into the living space. This home was energy efficient with additional insulation and gypcrete and in-floor heating.

Molly Drive Home

GARAGE STRUCTURE | The homeowners are intrigued with mortise and tenon construction for trusses. This structure will eventually be attached to a new home with the same details.

Quonset Home

CUSTOM HOME | The home owners wanted to buy a structure that fit their budget and something they could turn into a family home by doing a lot of construction themselves. This Quonset hut fit the style they were looking for- “industrial”.

Sedalia Home

CUSTOM HOME | The homeowners came to us with a floor plan they liked and an idea for a more Mediterranean look.

Ulfig Home

CUSTOM HOME | These homeowners had an unfortunate disaster of their original home burning down. We selected a nice Prarie style home to fit nicely in the existing rock outcroppings and capturing the Mt. Evans views.

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