About Green Ridge Design

Green Ridge Design was established in 1997. Originally designing “Spec Homes” for General Contractors, Green Ridge Design has blossomed into a “full service” architecture firm adding structural design and construction management to our list of services. We have civil, septic, structural, and soil engineers that we have worked with for many years and have a very good relationship with. We have a list of General Contractors that we work well with. We not only offer design for new homes, additions and full renovations, but also provide vital information to our clients on the entire building process. The building process can be confusing and cumbersome- especially in the mountains, and we work with our clients to help make this process smooth, stress-free and fun.

Our specialty can be considered “Mountain Architecture”, but we would rather consider the dreams, passions and specific styles of each individual client. We have designed Mountain, Modern, Rustic, Craftsman, Prairie and many styles in between. We strive to integrate the style, plan-layout and colors with the natural surroundings – maximizing views and sun exposure as well as considering wind, contours, rock outcroppings and natural drainage swales. We are experienced in energy efficiency and stay educated on the most up-to-date materials that are also cost effective.

Projects turn out best when there is a collaboration between Owners, Architect, Builder and Craftsman. We seek to shape the function of each project to fit the individual that will be using that space. From the very beginning of a project to the end, we commit to bringing the client’s biggest dreams to life when it comes to their custom home. Here at Green Ridge Design, creating our client’s dream home is our biggest passion and we strive for perfection.

With our knowledge about structural design and creativity, paired with our clients’ ideas, desires, and needs, we are able to eliminate any stress factors that one might have when it comes to building a home. We are there with our clients every step of the way. We love to give our clients advice and guidance on things like the layout of the home as well as creative add-ons that will give their home the perfect signature touch.

After years of fine-tuning and working with people in the industry, we have found a system that works and professionals that work well with us. Our reference team is unlike any in the area. Allow us to create the home of your dreams.

The Architect


Edie Stevenson

Edie Marie Stevenson, a native of Ohio, moved to Colorado in 1992. She had worked for NBBJ Architects in Columbus, OH for 8 years mostly in Healthcare Design. She worked for KCJD Architects in Denver for 2 ½ years mostly in the Medical Studio. After having her two children (Tori and Will), she decided to go out on her own with her husband who was a Residential Builder and try their hands at Spec homes and soon custom homes, additions and remodels.

Edie enjoys the outdoors of Colorado and any sporting activities- summer or winter. She loves taking her 2 yellow labs on adventures, but most of the time her dogs hang out at the kitchen waiting for goodies. She is a cooking enthusiast and loves trying new dishes on her family and friends.

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